friday, 3/6/2015 @ 3:48 pm / 5249 steps / 1.91 miles

Type 2 Diabetes: Why the Fuss About Alcohol?


Your liver plays a role in balancing your blood sugar-to-insulin ratio when you’re not eating or drinking. Dr. Ruxin explains, “Alcohol slows down your liver’s ability to produce sugar during the fasting state or overnight, which is when our sugar levels drop to the lowest [level.]”


Honick adds that if you drink alcohol before you’ve eaten, your blood glucose level will start dropping, and that’s a problem. “The liver will be unable to release the necessary glucose into the bloodstream to correct it because it has to focus on clearing out the alcohol first.”


So, before having that drink, Honick suggests that you prepare for it. Have a balanced meal or a snack that has protein, carbohydrate, and fats in it beforehand. You need the food to provide sugar to your body, counteracting the alcohol’s effects.

  •  @2:13 pm.  Returned from a 1.5 mile walk, lunch & errands w/K.  Productive 1/2 day.  Pedometer = 4401 steps / 1.60 miles.
  • @3:49 pm.  Back from mailing books & El Cerrito errands.  Tired.  Drinking some water.  Pedometer = 5249 steps / 1.91 miles.  Need 50 minutes on the treadmill to get to 10,000 steps.  Fingers crossed.

Article: Too Much Sitting Can Be Deadly, Even with Exercise.—-even-if-you-exercise-review-finds


Biswas and his colleagues offered additional tips to reduce sedentary time, including:

  • Taking a one- to three-minute break every half-hour during the day to stand (which burns twice as many calories as sitting) or walk around,
  • Standing or exercising while watching TV,
  • Gradually reducing daily sitting time by 15 to 20 minutes per day, aiming for two to three fewer sedentary hours over a 12-hour day.


thursday, 3/5/2015 @3:20 pm / 11,118 steps = 4.04 miles

  • Awoke at 5:45am.  Belle (R’s cat) very restless last night; ended up locking her out of my bedroom.  Was then able to get a good night’s sleep.  Awoke feeling very rested.  Breakfast.  Checking emails.
  • Not scheduled to go into work until next Monday.  Helpful – so I can get some rest.
  • Impressive custom guitar projects by Eastwood Guitars.  Wish K would encourage his friend TS to do something similar.
  • Discouraging news out of South Korea.  Razor attack on US ambassador applauded by North Korea as the “knife of justice.”  I think any Americans living or traveling outside of the country should be mindful.  Makes me think twice about traveling.
  • Huge snowstorm blanketing the country again from New Mexico to the east coast (yet again); perhaps in the stars that R and I not meet up for spring break.  One foot of snow reported in Kentucky.
  • 7:30 am.  5 minutes on treadmill.  Pedometer = 583 steps / 0.21 miles.
  • @8:39 am.  Mom talks about wanting to go shopping at 99 Ranch.  Maybe later in the afternoon?  En route to the post office?  Wants to make me soup.
  • Received a cheery text from R.
  • Lots to do.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed.
  • @3:00 pm.  Off to local post office to mail 3 books.
  • @2:20 pm.  Finished 1 hour & 30 minutes on treadmill.  Watching a Star Trek movie called Generations.  Sadly not very good.  Pedometer = 11,118 steps / 4.04 miles.  Now, no pressure to do treadmill tonight.
  • @5:30 pm to 7pm.  Attended Purim celebration in Napa, California w/K.

To Do List (personal) –

* Photos to K

* Gift for Susan? for this Saturday?



wednesday, 3/4/2015 @9:30pm / 4975 steps = 1.81 miles

  • Awoke at 6am.  Bath, 10 minutes on treadmill, breakfast – then headed in to work.
  • 1pm – ExamSoft quiz, 15 minute timed.  Only (1) problem with a student laptop not functioning.  Encouraging her to purchase a new machine.  It is a “tool”.
  • Remembered to take a break during the work day and took a 10 minute walk.
  • Confirmed scheduled with my supervisor.  Not scheduled to be in the office until next week.  Mon, Tuesday & Friday are my campus days next week.
  • Curious video – Time lapse sun cats (Japan) – .  Though sweet to watch one has to wonder about the setting – deprived of all other activity so does this not force the cats to follow the sun?
  • Stopped at KFC to get Mom her favorite hot chicken wings.  Home by 6pm.
  • Very tired.
  • Went to bed at 9:30pm.


tuesday, 3/3/2015 @ 11:43 pm / 11,253 steps = 4.09 miles

  • Awoke at 7am.  Slept from 9:30pm last night.  Awoke a few times by the cat; but feel immensely rested.  Grannie in good spirits.  I have a book to photograph this morning.
  • Working from home today.  Worried about R and K.  K said he was feeling low yesterday.  Seem to be surrounded by fragile individuals.
  • A lot of Touro website work today.  Surprising.
  • @2:30 pm to 4:24 pm.  Mailed (4) packages from the Albany post office; then El Cerrito Recycling & Costco.  Tired.
  • Now off to Chase to deposit rent cheque from 1990 Berryman property.
  • Dinner: Radish, chicken & cabbage soup.  Very filling.
  • @7:26 pm.  Pedometer = 4582 steps / 1.68 miles.  Dinner done.  Mom gone to bed.  A little upset about breaking a dinner dish this evening.  Received messages from K; really hoping he will keep to his word and answer fan emails from the website.  Trying to stay hopeful, but fear he won’t follow thru.  And then I will truly have no words.
  • @8:27 pm.  25 minutes on treadmill.  Pedometer = 7289 steps / 2.65 miles.  Increased my walking speed to 3.3 miles per hour.  A little difficult.  Need another 30 minutes to get to 10,000 steps.  Resting.  Drinking a glass of water.
  • Watched NCIS on television.
  • @9:48 pm.  Finished 30 minutes on treadmill.  Watched Blue Bloods on Netflix.  4.09 miles.  11,253 steps.  To get to my daily goal takes 1-1/2 hours on the treadmill.  Food for thought.
  • Wonderful article from the Huffington Post.

“It’s time I let my busyness rest in peace.  So my prayer today is this.  That I stop defining myself by my doing, and start defining myself by my being.  That I stop measuring time by the clock on the wall, and start measuring it by the experiences I share with those around me.  And that I stop seeing my life as “busy,” and instead, see it for what it truly is.  Full.”

Writer’s note: For the past month, I have tried my best to eliminate the word “busy” from my vocabulary.  The result?  I feel lighter.  Now, when people ask how things are going, I just say, “Life is full.” – Scott Dannemiller


  • @11:43 pm.  Watching Star Trek Voyager before bed.


monday, 3/2/2015 @ 6:25 pm / 5604 steps = 2.04 miles

  • @6:21 am.  Awake.  Belle by my side.  Didn’t wear Jawbone fitness band last night as the sleep data has been near identical for the last few days.
  • Sent R a supportive text message.  Worried about her; but little I can do.  Unable to get in touch with her IOP therapist.  Will try again on Tuesday.
  • Heading into campus soon.  For just a few hours.
  • 1:00 pm.  Dr. Mookerjee on campus; selected a knitted baby hat.
  • @6:25 pm.  Dinner done.  Pedometer = 5446 steps / 1.98  miles.  After I digest, will get on the treadmill.  Hoping to get to 10,000 steps by midnight.  It’s important.
  • 5604
  • To do list today -

Get 5×7 photos for K printed (this afternoon hopefully)

Baby gift – Dr. Mookerjee

Echo Marketing – banner ad design? & wording.


sunday, 3/1/2015 @ 10:43 pm / 7182 steps = 2.61 miles

  • Awoke naturally at 6:50am.
  • Worked on uploading book images.  Server problems.  50 files uploaded individually.
  • Email from H.  Sounds grounded and cheery.  Wants to earn money having an affiliate blog.  I think she would be perfect.
  • @9am.  Pedometer = 35 steps / 0.01 miles.
  • @11:40am.  Finished 27 minutes on the treadmill.  Watched Blue Bloods and M*A*S*H.  Pedometer = 3068 steps / 1.11 miles.  Tired.  Resting.
  • @3:38pm.  Finished watching some health and anti aging programs on KQED.
  • @3:40pm.  Pedometer 5370 steps / 1.95 miles.  After 30 minutes on treadmill.
  • @6:00 pm.  Pedometer = 7182 steps / 2.61 miles.  After 25 minutes on treadmill.
  • @9:00 pm.  Watched last episode of Downton Abbey – Season 5.  Finished baby knitting items – so Dr. Mookerjee can choose something tomorrow.
  • @10:44 pm.  Finished watching the end of Season 5 of Downton Abbey.


saturday, 2/28/2015 / 3549 steps = 1.29 miles

  • Mailed 2 books at Albany post office.
  • K drives me to Davis to drop off tax paperwork at Carbahal & Co.
  • Late lunch at a chinese restaurant.
  • Took a 0.80 mile walk around a Davis neighborhood.


friday, 2/27/2015 @ 1:14 pm / 4957 steps = 1.8 miles

  • @5:00 am.  Awoke naturally.  Checked Jawbone 24UP sleep data.  Going to sleep too early (10pm) – slept less; more interrupted sleep.  Awoke during the night at 2am and 4am.  Good information for me.
  • Extraordinary story – BBC News – The girl who gets gifts from birds.
  • @8:45 am.  Arrived at work.  Spoke to Dr. H about helping out with the College of Pharmacy Open House today.
  • @10:16 am.  Pedometer 782 steps / 0.28 miles.
  • @10:30 am.  Took a walk up to Wilderman Hall.  Pedometer now at 1609 steps / 0.58 miles.
  • @1:19 pm.  Helping out with the campus open house.


thursday, 2/26/2015 @ 9:16pm / 6282 steps = 2.28 miles

  • @6am.  Awoke.  Interrupted sleep.  JawBone 24UP indicates 5.5 hours of sleep.
  • Working from home.
  • Texting with R; lots of her mind.
  • @1:25pm.  Listening to NPR program on aging.  Fascinating.

Why we shouldn’t be overweight.  FAT = acts like an endocrine organ (acts like a tumor); leads to aging and disease.  EXERCISE immensely valuable.  Use it or lose it.  Muscle wasting – major reason for nursing home admissions.  Exercise will extend your health.  Inactivity is a disease/serious risk factor.  Responsible for 5.3 million premature deaths per year.  Book – Spring Chicken by Bill Gifford.  Caloric restriction diet – for longevity.

  • @1:31pm.  Still waiting for a response from ES customer service on the use of Time Limits for assessments.
  • Took 4 books to the Albany post office for mailing; 3 needed delivery confirmation.  Then to Wells Fargo to deposit a check; El Cerrito Recycling, then Target Richmond.
  • Went to K’s house to look at his computer, phone and fitness band.  Solved, I hope.
  • Article – Why eating late at night might be bad for your brain.

Article –

Our biological systems — work based on having a daily rhythm.  The circadian rhythm follows a 24-hour cycle and regulates pretty much everything in our body, from our behavior and the release of hormones to letting us know when it’s time to go to bed.

Disrupting that sleep-wake cycle is bad for your health, Colwell said, noting it can trigger type 2 diabetes and immune system issues. It can also affect cognitive function, especially learning and memory mechanisms. Try giving your brain a workout when you’re jetlagged and you know what that’s like.

Here’s where midnight snacking may become a problem. Frequent late eating is one way to disrupt the sleep-wake cycle, along with being exposed to light at night or doing a heavy cardiovascular workout near bedtime, Colwell said. Traditional societies, like the Mediterranean culture, had it right: They consumed their biggest meal in the middle of the day