sunday, 3/15/2015 @11:54 am

  • Awoke at 8:30am.  Still tired.
  • Wrote to Minnesota wheaten breeder regarding leaving a deposit on a May litter.  No word yet.


saturday, 3/14/2015 @4:16pm

  • Woke at 8am.  Still very tired.
  • Contacted Ohio breeder; learned that all their wheaten puppies are spoken for with the exception of (1) female puppy.  The search continues.
  • Website to remember –
  • @2:40 pm – Dropped a book off at the Albany post office.  Requested expedited delivery to China.


Thursday, 3/12/2015 @11:44 am

  • Awoke at 8:30am.
  • News from work.  D’s wife has been in a car crash and is recovering.  Car in ditch – totaled.  Air bags deployed.  D staying home today to take care of her.
  • Other news from campus – ES has resigned as Learning Specialist.  Taking a job with the UCLA Medical School.
  • Believe I have found a puppy.  35 hour drive.  Ft. Jennings, Ohio.  $1200.  $100 deposit.  Not sure how I can pick him up.  Looks to be a 3 day drive there + 3 days back.

Kraner Kennels (Brad & Marcy)

AKC breeders.  6-10 years

Evening live streaming at UStream –


Litter born: 1/27/2015.



wednesday, 3/11/2015 @11:38 am

  • Awoke at 8:15am.  Super tired.  Working from home today.  Accreditation team on campus today; DM says I can work from home.
  • Received email from CU that R does not receive a Form 1098-T as she has a full scholarship; they write – “the reason why your daughter did not receive the 1098_T for 2014 is because the amount of scholarships and grants($19,336) that she received in 2014 exceed the amount of her tuition, college fee and technology fee ($16,714). Therefore, she is not eligible to receive the 1098-T form for year 2014.”
  • @11:38 am.  Will run errands around town in about an hour.  Cigarettes, BevMo, Tokyo Fish, El Cerrito Recycling.
  • @10:19 pm.  Beautiful 280 sq ft home –


tuesday, 3/10/2015 @11:54pm / 4121 steps = 1.5 miles

  • @5:30 am.  Awoke early as I have to be on campus by 8am for an ExamSoft quiz for Track 4.
  • @7:45 am.  Arrived on campus.  Foggy morning.  Took the opportunity to photograph the fog covered campus.  Hopeful that some images can be used for the website.
  • Spoke to Dr. K.  Traveling to Switzerland next week to see his ailing parents.  His mom is suffering from Huntington’s disease; and his father and sister are having difficulty caring for her.  He departs on Friday.
  • @6:45 am.  Radio news announces big rig accident at 80 and University; concerned about traffic – dash off to campus.
  • Administered exam.  Problem free until upload time.  Network jam caused by a 1st year student who was using uTorrent and had 800 sessions running.  This prevented our 2nd year students from uploading their answer files to the server.  D and J talk to the student.  9 students given paper exams.
  • Contacted CU to see if they are to issue R a IRS Form 1098-T.
  • Contacted H to see if she was issued a IRS Form 1098-T from her college as I have one from Harvard College.  She discovers the form in her student portal and sends it to me.
  • Left campus at 3pm.  Drove to Davis to drop off more tax documents.  H’s 1098-T and medical expenses from last year; which may be deductible.
  • Got home at 6:30pm.  Tired.  M hasn’t cooked; so I go to McDonald’s to get us a quick dinner.
  • In bed by 8:30pm.  Super tired.
  • @11:54 pm.  End of a long day.  Pedometer = 4121 steps = 1.5 miles.


sunday, 3/8/2015 @ 6:16 pm / 11,112 steps = 4.04 miles

  • @8:26 am.  Awoke.  Tired and with mild headache.  Slept well over 12 hours.  A sign that I am overextended.  Email from K – sounds okay.  No communique from R.
  • Set clocks ahead; fortunately the computers adjust themselves.
  • Breakfast.
  • @9:57 am.  5 minutes on treadmill in bare feet.  Checking emails.  Next – a short walk around the neighborhood.
  • @10:34 am.  Just returned from a short neighborhood walk.  Went to the firehouse area to see a 1650 square foot home up for sale on Monterey Ave.  Very bad condition.  Asking: $750K.  Open house this afternoon.  Pedometer = 1775 steps = 0.64 miles.
  • @12:03 pm.  Just finished weedwacking the front lawn; will take at least another week of daily work.  Followed by a few minutes on the treadmill.  Up to 18 minutes total for the day.  Pedometer = 3443 steps = 1.25 miles.  Slowly getting to my goal.
  • Love this article.  ” it started with one question – “Are you happy with yourself?” Both of us answered “no”. We prayed about it and our journey began.”
  • @12:44 pm.  Pedometer = 3471 steps = 1.26 miles.
  • @1:00 pm.  Returned from a quick walk around the block.  Pedometer = 4278 steps = 1.55 miles.
  • Yoga exercises to avoid rounded shoulders.
  • @1:55pm.  Another walk around the block.  Appears to be 0.25 of a mile.  Pedometer = 5547 steps = 2.01 miles.  Half way done to daily goal.
  • @3:09 pm.  10 minutes on treadmill (now at 35 min for today).  Pedometer = 6718 steps / 2.44 miles.  Tired.  Time for some more water.
  • @4:56 pm.  Just finished 25 minutes on treadmill (now at 1 hour for today).  Pedometer = 9147 steps = 3.32 miles.  Feel quite winded.  Watched an episode of Law and Order.
  • @6:16 pm.  Scrambled eggs w/cheese for dinner.  Completed 21 minutes on the treadmill.  11,112 steps = 4.04 miles.
  • Finished ironing clothes for tomorrow; next up – bubble bath and washing my hair.


saturday, 3/7/2015 @2:17 pm / 8518 steps = 3.09 miles

  • @7:15 am – Awoke.  No book sales today.  At least not yet.
  • Breakfast: green tea, cabbage soup, 1-piece of French toast.
  • Listened to a curious NPR story about a university professor at University of Maryland who has written music specifically for cats; based on their specialized hearing.  Held Belle up to the radio – she did seem to like it.
  • Put cord boxes in front of the downstairs television.  Next time I watch tv, I will sort and label the cords.
  • @8:40 am.  No exercise yet.  Pedometer = 254 steps / 0.09 miles so far.
  • Chatham College (Facebook) posts a link to Spring Break photography including images by R.
  • Thinking about my death; though I have literally no assets to leave (just bank accounts) – a strategy is to have little or not debt and leave bank accounts to beneficiaries.  By doing this – beneficiaries will not have to sell assets to pay off creditors.

What happens to my debt when I die?

Generally, the estate owes the debt. If there are enough assets to cover the outstanding debts, the executor (the person who orchestrates the probate process and is in charge of paying the creditors) must sell them (assets) to pay the creditors who file a claim on you.


Source –

  • @9:34 am – Laundry running.  Re-washing Hello Kitty blanket which I think I may have washed without detergent; still smelled of Duff. …. Put car seat back into the Honda Odyssey; since Duff is no longer. …. Fixed Mom’s computer – shut down suddenly.  May be a failing power cord … Replaced fire alarm battery in R’s room.
  • Just heard about the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown this evening.  Market and 2nd St at 5pm.  Ends at Kearny & Jackson Street at 8pm.  Traffic!
  • @10:03 am.  Finished 12 minutes @3 miles per hour on the treadmill.  This is difficult for me to walk this fast.  2019 steps = 0.73 miles.  Tired.  Drinking a glass of water.
  • @10:54 am.  Paid Citibank VISA online.  3 days early.  Worried that I may get too busy next week.  $1172.78.  Now consumer debt free.  Still owe Mom and Dad – $10K.
  • @11:35 am.  Sold a $64.50 book on  Will mail it out on  Monday.
  • Received message from K about going to Susan’s birthday party this afternoon in Pacifica.  Decided not to go; didn’t want to give up so much of my precious weekend time.  He was very understanding.
  • @2:00 pm.  Returned from a 2 hour walk.  Walked from the house to the Albany post office and back.  Stopped at K’s house to use the bathroom.  Pedometer = 8518 steps / 3.09 miles.  Should be able to make it to 10,000 steps by the end of the day.